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Buy a 2 octave set of SCALE GENIE PIANO AND KEYBOARD stickers without the watermarks by clicking on the secure link below.(Stickers will be sent by post)


To get all the major and minor scales right under your fingertips without the intrusive watermarks, buy a 2 octave set of SCALE GENIE PIANO AND KEYBOARD Major and SCALE STICKERS by clicking on the secure link below.

(This FREE version contain transparent watermarks.)

This paid version of SCALE GENIE PIANO AND KEYBOARD SCALE STICKERS contains NO watermarks and is beautifully laminated and printed with a high quality, hardwearing, glossy finish.  Sticky backing easily adheres to your keyboard/ piano keys. Laser-cut lozenges mean you simply peel, stick and play! (2 octaves) 

(Stickers will be posted within 3 days of purchase)

Free products:

Click on this image to download this useful chart.  

If you're at the stage where you are still trying to memories those little black dots this 

diagram can be great for double checking notes while your playing a piece.  

Piano fingering is a must for beginners.  Each of the scales are different and require you to play them using different fingering combinations.  

This handy diagram splits Major and Minor scales and the various key scales are colour coded to match the SCALE GENIE™ stickers.

Feel free to download and print these free piano scale fingering diagrams.